Enjoy an Atlantic City Night Out as it was meant to be enjoyed!

To say there's a lot to do in Atlantic City would be an understatement - this city is nothing short of amazing! Some of the most popular destinations are the Boardwalk, Fralinger's Salt Water Taffy, any of the amazing casinos, the rides at Steel Pier, and the countless bars and restaurants. So how can you be sure you get around to all these amazing spots with all your friends? Well, with an Atlantic City party bus from us, of course! You'll find that while we are the area's most affordable choice, we're also top of the line when it comes to providing only the very finest and most exquisite experience that you've never even imagined possible!

Even if your night out is going to take you outside of Atlantic City, our transportation is still just what you need! There's definitely some perks to choosing a party bus as the mode of travel for your night out with friends. We'll go over a few of those perks here:

Group travel

Planning an event with a large group can be a little tough. Who will be the DD? How many will you need? Which of your friends have the roomiest cars? When you have a large, spacious party bus that can accommodate your whole group, you don't have to worry about that at all! All your group has to do is get on the vehicle and start your night! The DD? Your chauffeur will get you around town safely!

Going the distance

If you're looking to travel from say the Golden Nugget Casino to say the popular Wonder Bar, you've got a 9 mile trip. If you've been drinking already, you can't drive and that's too far to walk. This issue doesn't exist when you have a party bus! You can enjoy the casino, head to the bar, and drink in between on the bus! We'll even drive you outside of AC, of course. You can get where you want to go and do it in style with us.

Designated Driver

As we described above, your chauffeur will be the designated driver for the evening. Not only will you have safe and reliable travel in a luxurious vehicle, you can be sure you've made the responsible choice as well!

Traffic, parking, and other hassles

Think of the most annoying aspects of any event: heavy traffic, hectic parking, missing your turn - things you won't have to deal with when you have an AC party bus. All you have to do is get on the vehicle and have fun! Traffic won't affect your party, parking isn't an issue because we drop you right off, and our drivers have GPS plus a knowledge of the area so you'll get where you need to go without issue!

So what are you waiting for? Call us today to book your party bus!

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